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16. April 2017 / By / 4 Comments
Scrolling through instagram this weekend means coachella-overload of pictures, stories and snapchat all over the place!

The Coachella Festival in California is for me personally some kind of “festival start of the year”. Since there is a total overflow on all social media channels concerning the festival, I tend to buy some festival related stuff online, haha. Before talking a little more critical about Coachella, I at first want to show you my absolute festival favorites – which I indeed will also wear during summertime on a daily basis :) 


I’m an absolute festival lover. I went several times to different festivals in Germany – also camped, went to daily festivals or even slept in a hotel once (shame on me, haha!). So you could actually say that I’ve tried all sorts – from the “classic” festival trip with camping and not showering for days (hahaha) and having the more “luxurious” version staying at a hotel.

Just two days ago I read the article from Masha Sedgwick, being obviously against Coachella Festival – she was there already a few times and talks about how superficial the festival is, without having “real” fun there. So I started to think if I feel the same way – because so far I did not have the chance to try it out myself.

It’s definitely true that Coachella is all over the place on social media and surely it’s a pretty big money-source, too. I mean, even H&M just released their annual “Coachella-Collection” – seriously? This topic is just so commercial and people tend to buy all that stuff related to palms, sun and happiness in Palm Springs. Nearly all big fashionbloggers go there every year and post quite similar content, often together with paid collaborations on top.  

Going to a festival and earning money on top? Sounds perfect! But: Content creation is a lot of work and most of the time this means that you can not relax as you would going to the festival as a private person. So it seems reasonable what Masha is telling us in her article. But I was not there so far. So basically I’m just not sure if I’ve got the same opinion. Although I’ve already seen enough festival related pictures on social-media with everyone partying in Cali, I still would like to try it out myself and actually go there. To decide afterwards if I like it or not. 

I’m just not sure if I only want to try it out because it seems to be the most natural thing in the blogosphere. Without being a blogger, I’d probably fancy to go to a completely different festival, who knows? What do you guys think? Do you still think Coachella is an interesting festival to go to or do you fancy some other, not so well known and hyped festivals? Let me know! x



  1. Eva Jasmin says:

    Toller Beitrag und tolle Gedanken zum Thema Coachella, bei mir ist das so, dass ich da eigentlich schon echt gerne hin will, allein schon wegen der mega Musik, aber auch weil ich genau das mag. Dass es eben nicht so dreckig und alles ist, weil genau das mag ich an Festivals nicht! :)
    Liebe Grüße


    • franelle says:

      Danke Dir für deinen Kommentar! Ja, wegen der Musik würde ich auch gern hin – obwohl ich es sogar manchmal mag, ein paar Tage mal bisschen “dreckig” zu sein, haha! x

  2. Carolin says:

    Sehr interessanter Beitrag, den Artikel von Masha habe ich auch schon gelesen. Ich finde leider auch, dass Coachella mittlerweile viel zu inszeniert, kommerziell und zu sehr business ist. Das sage ich zwar ohne jemals dort gewesen zu sein, aber diesen Eindruck erweckt es zumindest bei mir. Es ist wirklich schade, dass dadurch diese lockere, befreite Stimmung – die Festivals ja eigentlich ausmacht – verloren geht…

    Liebe Grüße, Caro x

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